flying business class to hong kong

A month ago I was given an awesome opportunity at work, and got to travel to Hong Kong for a week.  I was on the same flight as one of the senior designers, so I got to arrive & travel to the hotel with someone who had done this trip before.  Since it was a business trip, we were put up in a luxury hotel and were flown over in Business Class.  I never thought I would ever get a chance to fly Business or stay in such a fancy hotel!  That alone was such a great experience and I am really thankful that I was given that!

We flew Cathay Pacific, and the whole flight was great.  The seats at the windows were angled outward, and the seats in the middle were angled inward, so they felt semi-private.  The seats could be reclined however you wanted, and they went fully flat…with leg room to spare.  I was in a window seat, which was 2 windows!

While we waited for take off, we were given champagne & shortly after the dining menu and a toiletry bag.

The food was really good, we got lunch & dinner and both came with multiple courses.

Between sleep, I watched half of season 10 of Doctor Who on the flight to Hong Kong, and the rest of the season on the flight back.

We arrived on Saturday night, and took a taxi to the hotel.  It was the perfect time to arrive because I got to see all the buildings lit up and it was really impressive with how tall everything is.  It felt like I was in the future or something.

At the hotel, I got into my room and the best feature was my name on the tv with music playing…I thought that was so cool.

The room was so nice, the bathroom was amazing, and it had a nice desk area overlooking the street.  One thing I discovered in my first few days there was that housekeeping came multiple times a day…I had an awkward encounter with the lady when she stopped by one night to see if I wanted turndown service and I had a towel on my head and was in the middle of brushing my teeth.  After that I started utilizing the “no housekeeping” button whenever I was in the room, haha.

The flight & hotel were one of the best parts of the whole trip…but I really loved Hong Kong too.  Whatever free time I had between working I filled with as much seeing & doing as possible.  I was able to fit a lot in & it was great!  There are too many photos so I am going to break it up into separate blog posts.

More to come 🙂

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